Traveling solo as a Girl


If you have landed there, you might have questions about traveling solo as girl.


I have only one answer.







*This emotional speech is originally from Shia Laboeuf but the 3 years old seemed more appropriate here.



Okay, now you think I am crazy!

I might but this is not the topic.

I traveled a lot with my parents, but at 22 years old I came to Cambodia on my own. And from there, as bird leaving the nest, I traveled a lot by myself.

Well, you are never by yourself at the end of the day. When people around you, tourists or locals, start to notice you are alone, they are quickly drowned to you, and you end up being invited in a nice restaurant in Tokyo, or sharing your snacks in the night-train from Yangon to Moulmein, or being offered a ride in Tasmania.

Well, being a girl can have its lots of advantages! 😉

Having traveled alone only in Asia-Pacific and Europe, I can say that I never felt threatened or at risk. The only situations where I was not comfortable, the discomfort was coming from other westerners.

The only advice I would gave is to not take unnecessary risks and to always smile. Smiling is the universal language that will get you anywhere and that will defuse any situation.