Cambodia – Kampot, the peaceful

Kampot – September 2017

The best way to get to Kampot is by train. It will set you in the spirit of this quiet and peaceful small city lying near the river.

The story wants that the first time I stopped in Kampot in October 2012, I really didn’t like it. We went to the Bokor Moutain and all I could see was a Chinese company deforasting the top of the mountain to built a Casino. Traumatised, I avoided this town for 4 years, even through all friends were praising its calm and layback atmospher.

I returned for the second time in June 2016. This time I loved it. You can observe former colonial houses in the small city center that connects to the other bank of the river with an old bridge only motos can use.


I finally understood why people love it so much. And came back this September 2017.

The peacefullness of the city invites to just seat and relax. One of my favorite things to do, as a lot of locals, is to seat on a pontoon on the river and just wait for the sun to go.


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