Cambodia – A train to slow down

Kampot – September 2017

Nowdays, our usual way to go around is fast. Always faster. Commuting needs be fast, we considered it as a lose of time.

September 1st was my birthday. On that day, I wanted to go slow. Really slow (not a big fan of taking one more year!). That’s why I decided to take the train from Phnom Penh to Kampot.

The Royal Railway reinstaured the passenger train recently and while I heard mixed comments on it (too slow, too cold, etc…), I decided to test it anyway. It was not a dissapointment!


We left Phnom Penh train station at 3PM and arrived at 7:20PM in Kampot without the stress and the fear of dying you usually get while travelling on Cambodian roads! The train is used by barangs and khmers alike. Due to the rainy season, the train wasn’t crowded and we could all enjoyed one full row per person! Not like previous experiences in Vietnam or Myanmar where the seats are hard wood, there are quite comfy!

While the coach has AC (bring a sweatshirt and a scarf!), you can chose to seat on the door steps to observe the scenary and the sunset. Just keep it safe because even if we go slow, this is still a moving train!



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