Nepal – Earthquake Aftermath

October 2016

We all remember the deadly earthquake that occurred in Nepal in April 2015. One year and a half after, I found myself in Kathmandu ready to trek in the Lantang Valley with my family and our friend (guide) Nara.

While most of what was destroyed in Kathmandu was being taking care of, we couldn’t say the same of the houses and villages in the Lantang and Helambu Valleys.


The hardest is to bring back the materials to the villages. The roads are in the bottom of the valley, and when they deserve the village, they can’t be used half of the year.

In the meantime, the house being rebuilt are the ones from guesthouse owners. They are only ones who received enough money (from tourists like us trekking in the area) to finance the construction (The government pledged to give aid, but no money had been distributed yet).

While some rebuilt their houses with stone and wood, others are hesitant and might prefer to stay in houses made of metal sheets and tarpaulin to afraid that another earthquake strikes again.

However, life goes on!

And we were happily surprised by the warmth of all the Nepalese who welcomed us in their house during the 8 days of our trek.


The trek was made available thanks the incredible agency Terres du Népal (French/English).

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