Japan – Views on Mt Fuji

February 2015

Who hasn’t dreamed of Mount Fuji, the iconic Japanese volcano?

Well, I did!

And during my 3 weeks this was an inevitable stop. I naively thought I could climb it in February.

It turns out I wasn’t able to, as I arrived in Fujigawakuchiko with a snow storm, which magnified the Yamanaka Lake.

While I wasn’t able to climb the Mount Fuji, upon the recommendation of my guesthouse owner I followed a crest path between Mount Mikuni and Mount Komotsurushi. With the amount of snow that fell the day before, there was barely a path. I made my way thanks to pink ribbons that were carefully hanged in the trees.

The 8-hour trek lead me through the forest with an almost continuous view on the Mount Fuji. While walking in the snow wasn’t always easy (and some time really deep, thank god I am tall), the peace of the forest was amazing.

Two years and a half later, I still remember how powerful this walk was. For one full day, I didn’t had any human interaction. I didn’t see anyone on the track, and no one was behind me. Some might have said that it was careless to take that path that day, but it was a day in wonderland.

I was able to empty my mind and focus on the moment, and to communicate with the nature. I was able to observe birds being cold and trying to warm themselves in the sun. I was able to spot a red fox by the small frozen cascade. I don’t know whom of he or I was the most surprised to see the other one.

I finally reached a wood hut with a splendid view on the Mount Fuji, before going down to meet the doushi road.


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