Cambodia – Road Traffic

March 2016

Cambodia and Road Traffic. Let’s keep it simple and we’ll just say that it’s a tuff love so far.

When I arrived in 2012, there were already some 4×4 but not as many as you can see today in the streets of Phnom Penh. People were following their own traffic rules. The roads were full of wholes. And we’ll stop here.

Today, you will still find all this, but in a lesser degree (except for the number of Lexus). While it is still difficult to go around the city due to traffic jams, we have to recognise that improvements have been made.

Back in 2016, after years of talking (ranting) about the Road Traffic, we got some funds to produce a documentary with the NGO Destination Justice. We named the documentary: Cambodia at a Crossroads: On the Road of Rule of Law.

I took this picture while shooting the documentary. In so many ways, it perfectly represent Cambodia. The intersection between the past and the present. The old and modern architecture. The pedestrians and the cars. The night and day.


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